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Career and Personal Advising

Minakshi Bansal is a very caring, helpful, cooperative, understanding and cool lady. She inspires everyone to soar high, work hard and celebrate every moment of life. From the bottom of my heart, I am thankful to her for guiding my son regarding which subject to choose. She made me understand the best way to talk and listen to our children so that they can share freely whatever they wish to.

Preeti Agarwal
Career and Personal Advising

We referred Ms Minakshi Bansal for personal advising to one of our relatives as the student felt stuck in a rut & was confused about what he wanted to do in his life. Ms Minakshi Bansal had been fantastic in helping him work out what was really important in his life, his long term goals & how to achieve them. Her caring nature & compassion helped him feel at total ease. I would like to thank her for her amazing contribution to his life. I would highly recommend her.

Ajit Singh Lamba (ASCL Care Private Limited)
Career Advising

The one who left me obsessed with her generous behaviour, kind heart and skilful and creative thoughts when I first met her. A big thanks to her as she is the one who guided and helped me when I knew almost nothing about my future plans. She inspires me every time when I talk to her. She always answers all my queries very patiently and motivates me. I feel blessed to have her as my aunt so that I can have her guidance and support for a lifetime.

Radhika Mittal
Career Advising

I would like to express my gratitude to Ms Minakshi Bansal for providing career guidance to my daughter. Her advice helped my daughter remove her doubts and take an informed and confident decision in a very short period of time. My daughter mentioned that she felt at ease throughout the session as the environment was welcoming and comforting for her. Your guidance is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Manish Jain (Aadhyaa Travels Pvt. Ltd.)
Personal Advising

I got the reference of Minakshi mam through one of my friends and it was really a great experience interacting with her. She is really polite and understanding and gives her ear to your all problems. I had really a great time in my sessions and would recommend everybody to put their foot forward and don’t be hesitant while taking sessions and sharing their problems.

Ritika Jain
Personal Advising

I contacted Ms Minakshi Bansal for Personal Guidance of my son. The support and encouragement my son received was wonderful. It helped him to deal with problems in a better way and with more confidence. My son is good at things he learned and still wants to learn more from her. I would like to thank her for her amazing guidance and support. I would recommend her to all the people who seek guidance for Image Consultancy.

Dr. Vijender Hooda, BIMA GURU, C.O.T.(USA), Gold Medalist, LIC Of India